Why Choose Grass-fed Beef?

100% grass-fed beef is a gift to your body.  It’s delicious, lower in fat and calories, higher in important, nutritive elements such as Vitamin A, E, CLAs and other amino acids.  It is also 2-4 times higher than grain-fed beef in Omega 3 fatty acids.  These good fats play a vital role in human bodies and is considered the most heart friendly of all the fats.  www.eatwild.com

100% grass-fed beef is a gift to the earth.  When good quality pasture management is consciously followed it works to enrich the soil and promotes grass health and protects the land.  Check out www.quiviracoalition.org or www.polyfacefarms.com

100% grass-fed beef is a gift to the animal.  They don't eat food they can’t digest -- a common contributor to disease and digestive disorders forcing the use of antibiotics.  It doesn't force them to put on weight/fat at an unnatural pace, and it allows them to flourish and grow in their natural environment.

The grass-fed beef we serve is raised on a humanely certified family owned ranch that practices sustainable grass and pasture management.  The matriarch of the ranch (Patricia Whisant) is the past President of the American Grassfed Association and a large animal vet.  Their multi-generational ranch has been raising grass-fed cattle for over 25 years.   www.raincrowranch.com

We created Grassburger to bring 100% grass-fed beef to the masses.  I believe that we can change the world one burger at a time.  If one chooses to eat meat then take a stand – make certain it is healthy, wholesome, ethical and above all … delicious!

Yours in health,